DaemonClaw now also coming to MegaDrive, Neo Geo, and modern systems!

DaemonClaw now also coming to MegaDrive, Neo Geo, and modern systems!

DaemonClaw now also coming to MegaDrive, Neo Geo, and modern systems!

A big thanks to Gemma for letting us share this exciting news with everyone here!We’re Corey and Mike at BitBeamCannon and we we just teamed up with Neofid and PixelHeart to bring our retro arcade style game called DaemonClaw to Megadrive, Neo Geo, and modern systems!

NeoFid have proven themselves to be great developers for Megadrive with their two previous games called Demons of Asteborg and Astebros which were recent successful Kickstarter campaigns. We’ll be revealing some great footage of DaemonClaw running on real Megadrive hardware in a couple of days on our youtube channel here.

PixelHeart have a long record of producing and publishing indie and retro games and are already making good progress with getting DaemonClaw up and running on the Neo Geo and we look forward to showing that off in the near future as well.

One really cool aspect of these three distinct versions of DaemonClaw (Megadrive, Neo Geo, and modern systems) is that each one will feature an exclusive second selectable character to play as and no matter which version anyone gets they’ll be able to play all three versions via an included Steam key!

So now DaemonClaw’s Kickstarter has been live since September 12th, and thanks to generous backers and others who love classic arcade and console style games the campaign is funded and now working towards the third stretch goal!

You can check out the kickstarter here. For you fellow Amigan’s out there who might be wondering why the Kickstarter doesn’t mention the Amiga version of DaemonClaw, don’t worry, the plans for DaemonClaw on Amiga have not changed. It will be made using the same code base as Metro Siege once it’s finished, but with AGA features added to the engine to make sure the Amiga version of DaemonClaw looks and plays very competitively against any other version. Because it’s unknown how long it will take to finish Metro Siege, the Amiga version of DaemonClaw can’t be offered through this Kickstarter.

For those wondering what Metro Siege is, Gemma actually covered it previous on her youtube channel here.​

Here are some new screen shots exclusively for Juicy Game Reviews, the last of which is the first ever public reveal of the intro to the level 2 boss (the Ram King)!

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