Crowdfunding For A Handheld History 88

For those of you that have followed us for a while, you will know that in 2022 we launched our first book titled: A Handheld History.

This book was dedicated to looking back at some of the most innovative and unique handheld consoles of the past, from the Nintendo Game & Watch to the all new Analogue Pocket.

We were blown away with how successful it was. It caused enough hype to grab the attention of one of the world’s biggest publishers, Harper Collins.

They are now helping us distribute the first book across the glove, with pre-orders going live on Amazon, and stock coming to well known retailers such as Barnes & Noble.

Due to the success of the first book we are now creating a second book that dives deeper into a specific time frame, that time frame is 1988 – 1995.

Our friends at Retro Modding are the exclusive sponsor of this book and have helped us make it a reality.

This was an era that changed the handheld gaming industry forever, with the birth of the SEGA Game Gear, the death of the ATARI Lynx and the rise of the Gameboy.

In this book we speak with developers that worked on some of the most popular retro games, we showcase weird and wacky peripherals and even touch one why some consoles were made they way they were.

This book is almost 400 pages in size, making it far bigger than our previous book, and coming in at a whopping 2KG.

ahh1 vs ahh2

This is no ordinary book, instead it’s a piece of physical content that takes you through an incredible time, all crafted into a premium coffee table book and illustrations exclusively from the talented Stephen Maurice Graham.

We’re turning A Handheld History into a physical brand that looks back at incredible handhelds, and this book here, is our biggest yet.

ahh 2 side

Pricing starts at £39.99 for the standard edition and £49.99 for our deluxe edition. Our deluxe edition comes with a bunch of goodies such as a book mark, a poster and your name in the book!

There is only 60 days of the crowdfunding campaign, and after that no deluxe editions will be available to purchase so grab them while you can.

We aim to get these books in your hands in Q4 2023.

a handheld history gameboy

Retro Modding has also created a one of a kind custom Gameboy DMG to give to one lucky deluxe edition customer.

This Gameboy has been custom designed, featuring the logo, and a modern backlit display to play your Gameboy games in a completely new way.

But again, this is only for one deluxe edition customer, so keep your fingers crossed!

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