‘Clues Name Hunt’ Game For Picnics Or Corporate Events

Are you thinking about how to break the ice and to keep group’s energy levels high during the travel? Your options for activities in this set-up are very limited to some age-old games. This article presents the first in the series of three innovative on-the-move clues hunt games, great for school picnics or corporate team building events.


You have a school picnic or corporate team building event and all are planning to go for a four hours trip on bus. Are you thinking about how to break the ice and keep group’s energy levels high during the travel? A number of ‘We have played this game before’ kind of games can be played in this set-up. Now if you must design a brand new game then continue reading…



  1. Create a list of names of few folks who are either onboard or known to the group
  2. Choose the Clues hunt game duration. Assume about 3 to 4 minutes per clue and 10 minutes for game instructions and set-up. To play the game for one hour, you would need to create about 12 to 15 clues
  3. Shortlist names for creating clues
  4. Create and Print Clue cards

How to Play

Game Set-up

Divide the group in teams of 4 to 5 members each. Use fun criterion to select the team leads, like latest joinee in the group, most funny dress-up, one who is wearing white socks, one who loves most his family (Ask to prove that). Use your imagination to come up with more creative & fun ideas. Ask the team-leads to name their teams.

Instructions for teams

Each team gets one clue and maximum three chances to solve that clue. The team will get 100, 50 or 25 points if they solve it in 1st, 2nd or 3rd guess. If any team is not able to crack the clue then it is passed to next teams. If any other team solves it then they are awarded 30 points.

Begin Fun

Now say you have four teams and you had created 16 clues. Hand over the first clue to the team leader and give them three chances to identify the name of the person from the clue. They must solve the clue with-in three minutes. Follow this for other teams. Keep awarding the points and maintain the record. When all the clues are solved announce the winning team.


  1. Create more than one clue for the same name, it is generally not expected by the group.
  2. Handover the list of names present on the bus to all teams and inform clue can be for any one on that list and outside the list also just to build-up the fun and interest.
  3. Mix some simple and some complex clues to keep the interest levels high for each team.
  4. Create a sequel of games for the whole outing event and use Poker chips or Monopoly coins to make the teams collect the points for each game. In the end of complete event, winner team is announced and rewarded.

Original Article by Vishal R Agarwal