Capcom is a Japanese video game developer and publisher that has been a prominent player in the gaming industry since its establishment in 1983. The company is known for creating and publishing a wide range of popular and critically acclaimed game franchises across various genres.

Capcom has developed and published games for numerous platforms, including home consoles, handheld devices, and arcade machines. The company has a strong presence in both the Japanese and global gaming markets and is recognized for its high-quality titles and innovative gameplay experiences.

Some of the notable franchises associated with Capcom include:

  1. Street Fighter: A long-running fighting game series that has become one of Capcom’s most iconic and successful franchises. Street Fighter features memorable characters and intense one-on-one battles.
  2. Resident Evil: A highly influential survival horror franchise known for its atmospheric settings, challenging gameplay, and engaging storytelling. The Resident Evil series popularized the survival horror genre and has had a significant impact on the gaming industry.
  3. Mega Man: A platforming series featuring the titular character, a robotic hero who battles against evil forces. Mega Man games are known for their challenging gameplay, precise controls, and a wide variety of boss characters with unique abilities.
  4. Devil May Cry: A stylish action game series known for its fast-paced combat, over-the-top action sequences, and intricate combo systems. Devil May Cry combines intense combat with a gothic-inspired aesthetic.
  5. Monster Hunter: An action role-playing series that revolves around hunting and battling giant monsters in a vast and immersive world. Monster Hunter emphasizes cooperative multiplayer gameplay and offers a deep crafting and progression system.
  6. Resident Evil: Biohazard – Survival horror game developed and published by Capcom
  7. Ace Attorney: A series of visual novel adventure games where players assume the role of a defense attorney and solve mysteries through courtroom trials. The Ace Attorney series is known for its engaging narratives, memorable characters, and clever puzzle-solving mechanics.

These are just a few examples of Capcom’s popular franchises, but the company has a rich catalog of other titles as well. Capcom’s commitment to quality and innovation has contributed to its success and enduring reputation in the gaming industry.