The term “Capcom 68000” likely refers to the Capcom CPS-2 arcade system, which utilized the Motorola 68000 microprocessor as its main CPU. The CPS-2 (Capcom Play System 2) was a popular arcade hardware platform developed by Capcom in the mid-1990s.

The Motorola 68000 CPU, a 16/32-bit processor, was widely used in various arcade systems and home computers during that era. Capcom adopted the 68000 CPU for the CPS-2 to power its arcade games, which allowed for enhanced graphics, sound, and gameplay capabilities compared to earlier arcade hardware.

The CPS-2 system employed a “game cartridge” approach, where game data was stored on interchangeable cartridges. These cartridges contained the game’s program code, graphics, and sound data. The CPS-2 hardware also included a separate custom encryption module known as the CPS-2 Security Cartridge, which contained a battery-backed encryption key to prevent unauthorized copying of games.

The Capcom CPS-2 platform was home to several popular and influential arcade titles, including Street Fighter Alpha series, Marvel vs. Capcom series, Darkstalkers series, and many more. The use of the 68000 CPU in the CPS-2 allowed for smooth animation, detailed graphics, and complex gameplay mechanics, contributing to the success and acclaim of these games.

It’s worth noting that the Capcom CPS-2 system was eventually compromised in terms of security, leading to the development of methods to bypass the encryption and run the games on emulators or modified hardware. However, discussing or engaging in activities related to circumventing security measures is illegal and against OpenAI’s use case policy.