Batting Cages at Birthday Parties

The zipping whoosh of a ball machine. Swack of a bat. Tink of metal as the ball hits. Ahh, the joyous sounds of batting cages. Couple these sounds with the tuneful bars of ‘Happy Birthday’ and a very memorable birthday party will be had by all involved. One of the more classic and never out of style birthday party themes is that of the batting cages.

Of course the first step in organizing such a themed party is to find an amusement center that can host your group. Most amusement centers have a minimum for a group party, so make sure that your invite list will at least meet this minimum. And of course, be sure to invite any extra adults as you feel are needed, again most centers allow for this at a per adult rate. Don’t be afraid to consider a package that also includes arcade games and some other outdoor attractions. Most parks offer packages that will allow for a little bit of everything, because even those non stop kids need a rest indoors and some nourishment a la pizza and birthday cake!

While using the batting cages, think of competitions and games to play that will allow you to award prizes such as extra game tokens or gift cards to the park or baseball cards and other batting cage themed items. Competitions can include who has the longest hitting streak, ball hit farthest, or who has the best up to bat ritual. Come up with games that will include all the guests and allow each to win a prize. Of course it is always possible to award ribbons and then give party favors at the end.

Along with the tokens, ribbons, competition and all the fun of the batting cage themed party, don’t forget to send fun invitations specifying the party theme. Be sure to let guests know if they need to bring their own batting helmet or if cleats are needed. Once at the cages some nice to have on hand items include sunscreen, antibacterial gel and handi-wipes as needed. Dirty and sweaty faces are easier controlled at the time of the event than a major facial pre-dinner buffet!

Of course, be sure to include lunch or dinner with the party. Again, most amusement centers have a kid friendly menu and some have unlimited food and soda. This is a worthwhile investment, as all appetites can be taken care of and fed. Personalize the meal by bringing your child’s favorite cake and ice cream, of course in a baseball theme. Again, provide party favors that keep with the theme and if additional adult chaperones are there, don’t forget a little thank you gift for each.

Batting cage birthday parties are a great idea for both boys and girls, as the ball machines are often able to pitch both baseballs and softballs at varying speeds. These are great parties for mixed gender or aged group parties or single sex/same age parties alike. Call your nearest amusement park and book a batting cage party for your next birthday celebration!

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