The Bandai WonderSwan Color is an upgraded version of the original WonderSwan handheld gaming console. It was released by Bandai in Japan in 2000 as a successor to the monochrome WonderSwan. The WonderSwan Color aimed to compete with Nintendo’s Game Boy Color, offering a color LCD screen and improved hardware capabilities.

The WonderSwan Color retained the compact design and button layout of its predecessor but featured a larger color display, allowing for more visually appealing games. The console also had increased processing power, which enabled developers to create more complex and graphically enhanced games.

The WonderSwan Color was backward compatible, meaning it could play both monochrome WonderSwan games and the newer color titles. However, color-specific games took advantage of the improved hardware to offer a richer visual experience.

The WonderSwan Color had a diverse game library that included a wide range of genres such as RPGs, action games, puzzle games, fighting games, and more. Some popular titles for the WonderSwan Color include Final Fantasy, Digimon Adventure 02, Gunpey EX, Rockman & Forte, and Klonoa: Empire of Dreams.

Despite its improved features and game library, the WonderSwan Color faced stiff competition from Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance, which was released around the same time and offered more advanced hardware capabilities. As a result, the WonderSwan Color remained primarily popular in Japan and did not see an international release.

Bandai eventually discontinued the WonderSwan series in 2003 due to the competitive handheld gaming market. However, the WonderSwan Color holds a special place in gaming history and is remembered by fans for its unique library of games and its role as a competitor to Nintendo’s handheld consoles during its time.