Analogue Confirms OS 2.0 Update Coming In 2023

Analogue had a big day yesterday. So you would be forgiven if you happened to missed their sneaky mention of an upcoming Analogue OS update.

Of course, the world is on fire with news of the brand new Analogue 3D. Which is their new FPGA home console that replicates the Nintendo 64.

But if you follow them on Twitter, then you may have also caught their shortlist of additional updates for the rest of 2023.

Analogue OS 2.0

Analogue OS update

Perhaps the second most exciting Analogue news in the past 24 hours is confirmation that a highly anticipated update to the Analogue OS is still coming this year.

Yes, Analogue OS 2.0 is still planned for release within the calendar year of 2023.

As a new Pocket owner, I have a bit of experience using this incredible OS. If you are unfamiliar, I can tell you that the user experience within the software is as premium and sleek as the hardware it runs on.

The design is minimal and clean. And it gets straight to the point, in most cases. But there are still ways that I can imagine the experience improving. Or more importantly, ways that features can be expanded.

One of the most requested features, which Analogue confirmed in yesterday’s Tweet, is the addition of openFPGA display mode support.

When you play games straight from an original game cartridge, the OS gives you a bunch of really nice display modes to emulate pixel effects and console specific colorization. But this feature is lost if you happen to play games using the FPGA cores.

Giving those of us who play games from the SD card those beautiful display modes will be a very welcomed addition.

I am also hoping to see Save State expansion, as this feature is lost on some cores as well.

Besides that, perhaps easier navigation and the ability to have Favorites from your FPGA library. Those are my personal wishlist items.


Analogue OS update

The last Analogue OS update came back in January of 2023 and that iteration is “v1.1-beta-7”.

Anticipation of the massive upgrade to “2.0” sounds like it should be quite a big step up. So we’re very excited to see what Analogue has created for us.

Only two and a half months left in the year, so it shouldn’t be long!

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