8 Best Squirrel Pokemon Of All Time

Looking to add some brave climbers and high-flyers into your team? Sounds like you need to check out our list of the best Squirrel Pokemon!

Squirrels look cute, but some of the guys in this list could definitely give you more than a little finger nip if you got on the right side of them.

Ok, maybe a couple of them… most of them are too cute that they would probably just cry if you raised their voice slightly at them!

And yes, there is going to be one entry in this list that’s sure to divide our readers, but I’ll let you read on first and find it out for yourself.

So, let’s see which Squirrel Pokemon are more akin to hibernating and which have been lifting the heaviest branches to find those nuts! Who is the best Squirrel Pokemon, and which ones are left quaking in its brilliance.

It’s time to find out!

8. Sentret

Sentret kickstarts our list of the best Squirrel Pokemon, bouncing around its tail and looking like a pretty tough cookie.

It’s a shame the stats tell us otherwise!

Attack 46, Defence 34, HP 35… one hit and this little guy is going to be biting the dust!

With a speed of 20, it’s not even as though you can get one up against the competition and get a hit in first either.

Hyper Voice, Slash, and Surf are some of the moves that you can teach higher level Sentrets if you’re dead set on having one in your team. I’ve got to admit, they do look pretty cute and I wouldn’t mind having one following me around!

7. Patrat

Patrat - best squirrel pokemon

Ok, so Patrat is more of a chipmunk than a squirrel, but they’re from the same family of animals (that’s the Sciuridae family for anyone wanting to improve their pub quiz knowledge), so we’re going to let it join in our best Squirrel Pokemon party!

Like Sentret, its base stats story isn’t pretty.

With a HP of 45 and Attack of 55, it’s not going to have great longevity when it comes to battling. Defence and Sp. Defence are both 39, Special Attack 35, and Speed 42.

So, it could technically get hits in quicker than the guy at the top of our best Squirrel Pokemon article, but it wouldn’t do much to its health bar!

Once you get to Level 16, Crunch becomes a useful move against enemies. Hyper Fang and Slam are the only other real moves that you’ll learn that could make any difference in battle, and by that time your stats should be looking a lot healthier, though I fear not healthy enough to beat the pocket monsters further down this list!

6. Skwovet

Chubby-cheeks Skwovet is up next, and for once we’ve finally got a Pokemon with good HP!

This little long-tailed tyke comes into battle with 70HP. The rest of its stats go downhill from there, however.

Its Attack and Defence of 55 aren’t too bad for a Pokemon of Skwovet’s size, though when it comes to Special Attacks, you might as well just give up. 35 for both Sp. Attack and Defence is going to be like putting a chcolate teapot in the way of a lava stream.

And at 25, it’s only 5 faster than its bigger evolution, which you will definitely be seeing in a little while.

Body Slam, Belch, and Tera Blast are the best moves for anyone wanting to grow a Skwovet and not evolve it. I can’t imagine a little dude like this making a massive burp, but with 120 power it must make a mighty blast!

5. Chespin

Chespin - Best Squirrel Pokemon

Chespin takes the 5th spot in our best Squirrel Pokemon list. Like Patrat, it falls into the wider Sciuridae family, boasting a bit of Squirrel and a bit of Chipmunk in its makeup.

It’s a hardy little critter too, with 65 Defence and 61 Attack, it’ll be able to wipe the floor with the guys above.

Special Attack and Defence are where it falls down however. It’s 56 HP might not lost that long, but it’s still faster than the guy at the top spot!

Its first solid move comes at Lv. 11 in the form of bite. Keep training one to Lv. 48 and you’ll learn Woodhammer, raining down 120 power on your enemies.

Plus it has a hairdo that looks a little like Louise’s hat in Bob’s Burgers, and that only gets it more points in our book!

4. Pikachu

Ok let’s get this sorted before we go on – the original Pikachu design by Atsuko Nishida was based on a squirrel. Over the years, Pikachu has become more mouse like, but the fact remains that the worlds most famous Pokemon was based on our little tree-dwelling friends.

In an interview, Nishida explains that she wanted to give Pika puffed out cheeks like a squirrel collecting nuts, and she wanted it to have a tail like a squirrel, just with an electric feel to it.

So, there you have it – Pika began his life as a squirrel! I know this is going to cause a lot of contention with our readers, but take it up with Nishida, not us!

Pikachu might be world famous, but as a base-level Pokemon, it’s stats are insanely poor. With 35HP, 55 Attack, & 45 Defence, it’s certainly not going to get you out of any sticky situations.

The one thing that saves Pika is its 90 Speed, making it a good choice for getting those tackles in first on lower level Pokemon.

And for those wondering, Raichu was based on a Kangaroo and a Rat, and Pichu has definitely got much more of a mousy feel to push the new ‘Pikachu mouse agenda’.

3. Pacharisu

Pacharisu - best squirrel Pokemon

Up next is Pacharisu, a critter that is is just as fast as Pikachu, and most of you will be feeling a lot happier that we’ve actually got a proper looking squirrel on our hands now!

Pacharisu doesn’t evolve, and it’s base HP of 60 isn’t amazing, so you’re going to need to work on that if you want it in your team.

With an SP Def of 90, however, you can be sure that it’ll hold its own against special attacks.

Its Defence of 70 will be good against other rodents that want to try and steal its turf, it’s just a shame that it has an Attack and SP Attack of 45. Ouch… or the opposite of ouch, as it’s not going to do much with that!

2. Emolga

Emolga takes the 2nd spot in our list of the best Squirrel Pokemon of all time, and those wings certainly help it with nifty getaways. It has a speed rating of 103, which makes the poor HP of 55 a little easier to swallow.

At least it can skedaddle out of there sharpish when the going gets tough!

Let’s check out some of the other important stats and not get too caught up in how cute this little guy looks. With 75 Attack and SP Attack and 60 Defence and SP Defence, it’s what I’d like to call a ‘middle of the road’ Pokemon. It’s not great, but it’s not terrible.

And, is he’s an Electric-type and Flying-type combo, he and Pikachu will undoubtedly share some of the same moves. Thundershock, Discharge, and Electroweb are some of the best hard hitters!

1. Greedent

Greedent - Best Squirrel Pokemon

The results are in, and Greedent is the best Squirrel Pokemon of all time!
I mean, when you’re as greedy as he is and eat as many nuts, then you’re going to turn out to be the strongest critter around, right?

Lots of nuts must make for a healthy system, as Greedent’s HP is a whopping 120. Evolving from Skwovet, it certainly has a much bigger demeanour and looks a lot tougher in battle!

It packs more of a punch too, with 95 Attack and Defence stats. Unsurprisingly, Belch is one of its most powerful moves!

Still, being a greedy lad comes at a price, with a really poor Defence stat of just 20!

Still, he’s the strongest and most powerful of all the Squirrel Pokemon, so if you love these furry little critters, then make sure he’s on your team!

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