2023 Update – The Arcade Blogger

I have arranged another run of my book Missile Commander for 2023! Feedback to date has been universally positive and I want to thank everyone who has supported the project thus far.

To celebrate this new 2023 run, I’m adding a couple of things to the package – every new purchaser will receive:

  1. Limited edition postcards – each featuring hi-resolution images relating to Missile Command
  2. Access to additional exclusive digital content! This is everything that didn’t make the final edit of the book – additional images, info and videos.

Missile Commander takes a deep dive into the development of Atari’s arcade title Missile Command – from soup to nuts – how the idea for the game came about, how it was developed, what went into the cabinet design, right through to its launch out into arcades across the world – all told through the eyes and recollections of the team involved at Atari’s Coin-Op division. It incudes loads of previously unseen images, quotes and heavily researched detail.

Missile Commander is a self-published project

It also tells the story of how I achieved the Guinness World Record on the game – from playing as a kid in local arcades back in the day, through to achieving the world record in 2006, with stories and anecdotes along the way. Oh, and you’ll also get to learn more about ‘Mr Awesome’, Roy Shildt.

This is a quality hardback book, spanning 267 pages, full of ‘never seen before’ content

This is not a coffee table style, glossy retro gaming flick through book. It’s a full-length, detailed hardback book printed on quality 104 gsm paper – 77,000 words spanning 267 pages – chock full of facts and information you won’t have read elsewhere. There are 57 colour images to support the dialogue, many previously unpublished, including a few surprises for the collectors and gaming historians out there. In short, if you enjoy this blog and classic arcade gaming in general, and “old” Atari coin op history, then this will be right up your street. Lots of previously unknown detail about the game’s development is revealed.

Great for Xmas gifting!

Shipping is free to pretty much anywhere in the world and all copies are signed by the author.

A definitive account of the making of Missile Command, the book is a love letter to the 80s and a celebration of one of Atari’s most revered classic arcade titles and I can’t wait for you to read it.

Numbers in this run are limited, so grab your copy now!

Order your signed copy today and get free shipping, limited edition postcards and exclusive digital content:

PayPal and all major cards are accepted.

Thanks for your support!


P.S. If you’ve previously ordered and read Missile Commander – thank you! Do drop me a line here with your name and I’ll send you the access link to the digital content.

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