10 Best Video Game Statues & Figures of 2023

No games room is complete without some nerdy memorabilia, which is why we’ve compiled a list of the best video game statues and figures of all time!

From marvellous masks through to iconic characters that will only ever bring you luck in your gaming endeavours, this list boasts some of the slickest, coolest, and epic statues from the world of gaming.

It also includes some of the most expensive figurines too, but I’ve tried to keep it ‘bank account friendly’ for the most part!

So, let’s dive on in and get ready to cause some Skull Kid-esque mischief with our first entry!

I’m kickstarting this list with one of the most iconic gaming items of all time – Majora’s Mask!

Standing at 14 inches tall (those spikes are big!) and with two LED lights to give that extra eerie glow, this 3D figurine can be stood on a table or hung from your wall.

It’s only 6 inches wide, however, so there’s no chance of you wearing it!

Just look at those eyes; I swear they follow me wherever I go around my games room!

In at 9th place is everyones favourite scaredy-cat plumber, Luigi. This Luigi’s Mansion 3 statue comes complete with the world’s most famous ghost dog (sorry, Houndstone, but it’s true!).

Complete with a slab of hotel carpet, wagging Polterpup and the Poltergust 3000, Luigi’s statue would look great on any desk, shelf, or gaming cabinet.

I mean, this would look incredible next to your GameCube, right?

Just check out the detailing in Luigi’s facial expresion too – he makes me feel worried just looking at him!

The detailing in this Blizzard World of Warcraft: Illidan Stormrage statue is absolutely unreal, as is the price.

Yes, for all of those of you who love WoW and have a spare $699 to spare, you can own this 24″ polyresin statue with interchangeable hands.

Hey, for that price, giving an extra pair of hands is the least they can do!

From the tattered wings to the detailing of the mossy rocks Illidian stands upon, this statue is a brilliant work of art that will definitely add a gothic touch to every gaming cave.

The Doom Eternal: Doom Slayer himself takes the 7th spot in this list of the best video game statues and figurines of all time.

A pair of interchangeable hands is one thing, but four different weapons with movable arms for different poises (and a cheaper statue) is much better value for money!

Wield the epic BFG-9000 (the ‘F’ doesn’t stand for friendly), the Crucible Blade, the infamous Super Shotgun, and a good old fashioned Chainsaw.

And you really can make lots of different poses with this figurine. Whether you like slashing enemies or jumping down from above to defeat demons, there’s a poise for you!

The worlds most famous Eco Terrorist is up next – this Final Fantasy VII Remake – Cloud Strife statue is the only fitting figurine to match the winner of our best Final Fantasy games article.

Complete with the biggest sword in video gaming history, baggy trousers that look fit for MC Hammer, and a named base stand, this Cloud Stride statuette is the real deal and a must have for any fan of the long running Square Enix series.

Let’s face it; Cloud Strife is the best Final Fantasy character by a country mile, and the remake only makes FF7 better.

The detailing in Cloud’s hair is awesome too; I wish someone could make me some slick follicles like that!

At 19lbs, this Diablo IV – Statue Of Inarius is a pretty hefty figurine.

Thought to be honest for $1,100, I would expect it to be made from Vibranium rather than Polyresin and PVC.

Yes, you read that right. This statue sculpted by Laurent Pierlot and Brian Fay and hand painted by Lewis Villamar is a serious work of art. It’s one of two figurines in our list that breaches the $1,000 mark, though every dollar will be worth it for die-hard Diablo fans.

It’s not as though this is a mass-produced figurine either – you’d pay thousands for a piece of hand-painted art on your wall, so why not have a statue of Inarius breaking free from the clutches of Mephisto in his hellish prison?

While we’ve shocked you with that last price tag, let’s through in the second statue costing $1,100!

This Overwatch 2 – Reinhardt statue is just phenomenal. With his hammer aloft and rockets thrusting him forwards, Reinhardt is ready to attack ay foe that might be trying to log onto your compute without permission or ruin your Netflix algorithm by watching a load of rubbish teen movies.

Hand painted Mireya Romo-Bowen and weighing 22lbs, this figurine received the talented stylings of 5 sculptors to bring it to life.

Plus, Reinhardt’s beard is absolutely awesome, so he’s more than earned his place in this list for that alone!

The God Of War Ragnarok: Kratos & Atreus take the 3rd spot in this list of the best video game statues and figurines of all time.

Yes, the most famous father and son duo from God of War: Ragnarok look epic in this action pose.

With his shield raised and axe in hand, Kratos is ready to strike while simultaneously protecting Atreus as he readies an arrow for a piercing blow.

From leather pouches to leg bindings and armour, the Norse-god-fighting duo look amazing and are the only characters I want protecting my PS5 on a night when I go to bed!

At 10″ tall, this epic Link – Breath of the Wild statue is going to be right beside me as I play The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Wearing the classic champions tunic garb and wielding an Ancient Arrow ready to destroy a Guardian, this figurine captures a classic snapshot from a game that we’ve been playing to death since 2017.

Link is even poised on a base plate that features the Sheikah Eye along with the cool blue graphics that we see on the outside of completed shrines.

I’m a massive Zelda nerd, so this was always going to score highly on out list of the best video game and statues and figurines. but, there is one classic statue that even I can’t deny giving the top spot to.

The jury has spoken, and I think now that you’ve seen this entry you’d find it hard to argue with them! Yes, the Numskull Official SEGA Sonic & Dr Eggman 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Statue takes the top spot in our list of the best video game statues and figurines of all time!

This snapshot embodies everything we love about Sonic the Hedgehog; Eggman in his flying machine, Sonic evading his grasp once again, that classic Mega Drive level design… it’s got everything!

At 9″ tall it’s a nice size too, perfect for standing on any surface or placing on a shelf out of the way of little ones – this thing isn’t a toy, guys!

Made my Numskull, this is an official SEGA product and one that has the official seal of approval from Sonic himself. It’s our favourite video game statue of all time, and we’re very glad we have it in our lives!

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