10 Best Tree Pokemon Of All Time

Stick around and don’t ‘leaf’ as we check out the best Tree Pokemon of all time!

Yes, I know that was a terrible joke, but I promise that the rest of the article is going to get a whole lot better from here on out.

Trees – they are mighty beasts, especially the Giant Redwoods. But what happens when you enter the realm of Pokemon and delve into spooky woods and frosty plains?

From a cute looking spectres to abominable characters that you wouldn’t want to get frosty with, here’s a list of the bet Tree Pokemon of all time ranked by their base stats!

10. Phantump

Phantump is a cute little critter. I mean, there’s the whole thing about it trying to get people lost forever in the woods so it can be friends with them, but once you look past that, it’s no that bad!

It’s 70 Attack stat isn’t half bad at all, and with 60 Sp. Defence, it’ll hold its own for a little while against some more powerful attacks.

It’s a shame that everything else is a little rubbish, however. 38 Speed, 43 HP… the poor guy is going to need more than a tree-stump helmet to withstand some of the attacks from the guys further down this list.

Hex is the first move that Phantump learns that is going to cause some damage in battle, and by the time you reach level 20 your stats should be looking a lot healthier than this.

Phantom Force, Foul Play, and Poltergeist are also some slick moves you’ll ant to add into your arsenal, though you may want to save them for the big lad in 5th place.

9. Nuzleaf

Nuzleaf is next up in our list of the best Tree Pokemon, and although it’s more of a little sapling thriving for greatness, it’s still ranking ‘9th seed’ in our list.

See what I did there… 9th seed… like in sport… anyway, moving on.

Nuzleaf is pretty solid across the board when it comes to base stats. With 70 HP and Attack and 60 Sp. Attack & Speed, it’s a solid choice for picking up and battling the earlier trainers you might come across in game.

Defence wise, it’s 40 stat for both normal Defence and Sp. Defence aren’t going to save its bark, especially when a Charizard or Growlithe comes to town.

Still, Leaf Blade, Take Down, & Dark Pulse are all moves that will work splendidly against most Pokemon…

So long as they don’t use Fairy, Poison, Flying, Fighting, or Ice-Type Moves, that is.

8. Snover

Best Tree Pokemon - Snover

Snover might give some people a frosty reception when they come across it, but I guess as a frost tree Pokemon its not really that surprising. And it doesn’t mean anything by it – he’s a chill dude really!

Let’s talk about stats. With 60 HP and Sp. Defence, it’s not going to make many waves in battle. 50 Defence and 40 Speed aren’t going to do much when it comes to dodging and protection either.

Still, in snowy climates I guess it could just run and hide in the bushes and do alright!

As it’s an Ice-type and a Grass-type Pokemon, it can use moves such as Blizzard and Wood Hammer as it levels up. Though, you might want to level him up to the guy in the 3rd spot!

7. Sudowoodo

Sudowoodo looks like it would be the most exciting guy at any party. I mean, how could you not have fun with that happy face around.

His stats are a little all over the shop, but the most important thing to note is that when it comes to the main Attack and Defence stats, Sudowoodo is definitely allowed to party. 100 Attack, 115 Defence – bring on the battles!

So it’s only got 70 HP – enough potions could help get over that hurdle, right?

There’s not much that can be done for its 30 Speed and 30 Sp. Attack, however. You’ll just have to level up quickly!

Still, having moves like Wood Hammer from Lv. 1 means that it’s already going to pack a punch. But let’s hope it doesn’t come to that – this guy just wants to have a good time!

6. Tropius

Best Tree Pokemon - Tropius

Tropius isn’t the kind of tree that you’d want to climb in a hurry. It might look a lot like a banana tree, but you’d be bananas to even try and scale this mammoth beast!

HP wise, Tropius’s base stat looks very healthy indeed. With 99 hit points it’s going to take a fair few hits to get down, unless you charge in with Fire Blast, that is.

At 51 its speed is pretty disappointing, but then again, look at the size of it – it’s hardly surprising.

The rest of its stats are what I’d like to call ‘middle of the road’. 68 Attack, 83 Defence – it looks like it should have more strength than this, but I guess looks can be deceiving!

If you persevere to LV. 56, you’ll have picked up Solar Beam and Outrage. And yes, this is a Flying-type Pokemon too, so you can use moves like Fly and Hurricane.

I’d hate to see one of these falling down towards me from above!

5. Trevenant

Trevenant takes the 4th spot in our list of the best Tree Pokemon of all time, and he’s also one of my favourite beasts from the later Pokemon games.

Can you imagine if you were a Phantump and you knew that you were going to grow into this? I’d be wishing time to go much faster! And while it looks mean, Trevenant is kind to all but will cause ultimate pain to anyone who damages the forest.

This Ghost and Grass-type Pokemon leads with a heavy attack stat of 110. With an attack of 85 and a Sp. Defence of 82, it’s well suited to stay in the fight when hard hitters are bringing the thunder.

Coincidentally, Thunder won’t do much damage, but Dark, Fire, Ice, Flying, and Ghost-type moves will make things very tough for you!

With a Speed of 56, Trevenant isn’t going to be getting those attacks in first every time. We’ve all seen how slow Treebeard does everything, so I guess it’s no real surprise!

4. Shiftry

Best Tree Pokemon - Shiftry

Shiftry is up next, a dual Grass and Dark type Pokemon that has great longevity in battle.

With 90 HP & Sp. Attack and a solid 100 Attack, Shiftry is going into every fight all guns blazing.

Well, branches blazing, but that’s bad for a tree, so let’s move on before this gets any more complicated.

Speed wise, Shiftry’s 80 base stat isn’t bad at all. It can certainly best Trevenant when it comes to making that first hit, but Defence wise, things aren’t looking great.

With 60 Defence and Sp. Defence, it’s not exactly what you’d call a ‘tough cookie’. Hurricane, Leaf Blade, and Leaf Tornado are its most powerful moves, though Hurricane and Leaf Tornado sometimes miss!

3. Abomasnow

Abomasnow looks absolutely mad, doesn’t it? As you might have guessed, this guy is Pokemon’s Abominable snowman, and frosty attacks are going to play a big part in its moveset!

Like Shiftry, Abomasnow has impressive base health stats with 90 HP, and with 92 for both Attack and Sp. Attack, special moves like Blizzard are going to hit home hard!

75 and 85 for Defence and Sp. Defence respectively isn’t bad either. It’s going to cope with most of whatever the other guys in this list can through at it.

Though to be honest, it’s weal against pretty much every other type going bar Grass and Ice type Pokemon, so maybe choose your battles isely!

2. Arboliva

Best Tree Pokemon - Arboliva

Arboliva takes the second spot in this list of the best Tree Pokemon, and I guess there’s no surprises there either because of my Italian heritage – I love my olives!

For a chilled out tree, it has a fantastic Sp. Attack stat coming in at 125, and an Sp. Defence stat of 109. That means moves like Petal Dance and Energy Ball will do great damage, and it can defend itself well against powerful moves from foes.

Unfortunately, while its normal Defence is 90 and will do a good job of taking the brunt of blows, its HP is quite low at 78, and a normal base Attack stat of 69 isn’t going to do a lot against higher level opponent with it comes to physical attacks.

That speed of 39 isn’t looking promising either – why can’t trees just start moving faster?

1. Exeggutor

The results are in, and Exeggutor is officially the best Tree Pokemon of all time!

With so many new Pokemon making the rounds these days, it’s amazing to see an OG Pokemon topping this list.

95 HP and Attack, a whopping 125 Sp. Attack, and 85 Defence. You’d have to be mad to go up against this three-headed tree!

It’s speed is a little slow at just 55, but when you’ve got those kinds of stats, it doesn’t really matter about getting out of the ay of attacks, especially with moves like Leaf Storm, Wood Hammer, Solar Beam, & Dream Eater up its wooden sleeves, I would rather have it on my team than be going up against it!

Yes, Exeggutor is the best Tree Pokemon of all time, and long may it not stamp on us and stay out of our way!

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