10 Best Games Like Bioshock In 2023

Prepare for some terrifying thills, spills, and FPS fright-fests as we take a look at the best games like Bioshock available to play today!

There are some game franchises that are beloved by most if not all gamers. Bioshock is one of these with many craving similar experiences once they’ve completed everything the series has to offer.

This is where the best games like Bioshock come in.

Even though they’re not the real deal, these games are cut from the same cloth, whether that be in terms of world, ambiance, game mechanics, or story.

But, knowing which are the best comparisons to the original can be troublesome since you don’t know how these feel before a purchase is made.

Here, we’ve done the hard work and will be providing you with 10 games like Bioshock to quell the cravings of Rapture!

prey games like bioshock

Prey is the first of two Arkane Studios games like Bioshock that we will be taking you through, and is our pick of the lot.

Even though it’s set in a distant future space setting, there are a bunch of similarities to Rapture you’ll definitely enjoy.

The whole eeriness of it combined with potential jump scares and that mysterious aura really come together for an intriguing atmosphere.

prey gameplay

Prey is, however, much more open world than Bioshock, which is actually a really great inclusion as you’re almost free to explore this brilliant setting as you please.

The abilities in the game definitely draw some serious inspiration from Bioshock with inclusions like Psychoshock and Mindjack that are almost mirrors of some Plasmids.

The story is great too, with a bunch of discovery to be had so if you’re craving a solid narrative alongside some tight mechanics, Prey should definitely be slotted into your game library.

dead space remake games like bioshock

Dead Space is a franchise that many go back to over and over again due to the simply incredible full package each game in the series is, and the Dead Space Remake takes the original and turns it up to 11.

If you’re unaware as to what this game offers, you’ll be taken through a horror-like experience as you look to uncover how to survive against some nasty creatures.

The ambiance is really similar to that of Bioshock where an enemy could be around every corner, with jump scares aplenty.

dead space remake gameplay

There are mini puzzles too, which you could liken to that of using certain Plasmid abilities in Bioshock to open up areas within Rapture.

Obviously since its a remake, the graphics are absolutely top notch, and some solid quality of life changes have also been thrown in too boot. 

These are even advantages over Bioshock, since it was game that was way back released in 2007.

dishonored 2 games like bioshock

Dishonored 2 is our pick to make the best games like Bioshock list as it just builds on the first iteration and refines various aspects as all good sequels should.

In fact, if you love stealthy games, then the series as a whole is something that you should definitely be sinking your teeth into.

The level design in particular is exceptional in this one, which we thought couldn’t be too much better compared to the first, but Arkane Studios somehow found a way.

dishonored 2 gameplay

The story is pretty stellar too, and you can actually select a different character to continue the game after the prologue if you wish, which is an intriguing addition.

The abilities are back from the first game but as you would expect, these have been ‘lost’ and you need to get them again.

Said abilities definitely give it a bit of a Bioshock feel, even if you’re not running and gunning!

4. We Happy Few (2016)

we happy few games like bioshock

We Happy Few is probably the closest you’ll get to both art style and feel of the world when compared to Bioshock.

There are baddies in masks, a drug-fuelled population, and a bunch of twists and turns as you make your way through an alternative universe. Sound familiar?

While there aren’t any powers to pick up, there is weapon crafting, something that Bioshock didn’t have, giving this copycat a bit of an advantage in today’s standards.

we happy few gameplay

There are various puzzles and encounters to take on as you look to either blend in as take on the rabid locals, again, somewhat inspired by Bioshock and certainly something to sink your teeth into.

The actual gameplay itself isn’t as thrilling as it probably should be but with all of the other aspects going for it, it’s a solid contender as one of the best games like Bioshock.

system shock 2 games like bioshock

System Shock 2 is the oldest game to make the cut on this games like Bioshock list.

Don’t let that put you off though as its an incredible experience that has aged extremely well.

It was actually made by the same minds that made Bioshock 8 years later which means that they not only share gameplay DNA but also within the development team.

system shock 2 gameplay

Looking at that gameplay, you’ll certainly see the similarities to Bioshock with features such as psychic abilities, hacking, skill progression.

These all made it to Bioshock in some form, almost suggesting that it was a spiritual successor to this series.

It’s basically the same genre too with survival action role playing elements albeit in a futuristic space setting rather than a more old timey feel.

soma games like bioshock

Soma is another game like Bioshock that doesn’t quite have the same gameplay loop since it is simple survival horror without the guns or abilities, but it makes up for that in its world.

This is due to the fact that it is set in an abandoned underwater research facility, where you can draw comparisons to Rapture, as you look to stay alive as long as possible.

soma gameplay

The ambiance is really eerie and there are corrupted humans, twisted creatures, and more for company, again similar to that of Bioshock.

This means that if you’re looking for just the Bioshock ‘feel’ Soma could be a good choice.

Regardless of this though, if you’re an avid gamer in general, Soma is more than worth a playthrough anyway.

atomic heart games like bioshock

As soon as you get a look at Atomic Heart, you’ll soon realise that it takes a bunch of inspiration from Bioshock.

There’s a bunch of creepy enemies and evil robots to take care of while you roam about in this alternate Soviet Union universe with the various weapons at your disposal.

One of these weapons, akin to Bioshock’s Plasmids, is a special set of abilities gained through a glove that you can use as an alternative to the more traditional methods.

atomic heart gameplay

Being released in 2023, the graphics are pretty spectacular and far above that of the older games we’ve mentioned here, something that gives it an edge over the competition.

It isn’t without some issues though with some poor voice acting and a mediocre campaign, but it’s worth a playthrough regardless.

singularity games like bioshock

If you haven’t heard of Singularity before, we wouldn’t be shocked.

Releasing in 2010, it didn’t quite take the world by storm as it looked to break into a pretty crowded FPS market.

However, going back to it today will definitely give you some joy, especially if you’re after a game like Bioshock.

It has some really impressive time bending abilities for when it was released paired with tight overall combat.

singularity gameplay

What’s more, the atmosphere is one of the better ones around, selling its creepiness alongside monster-like enemies.

While it is more linear than that of Bioshock, there’s plenty of fun to be had as a shooter.

metro 2033 redux games like bioshock

Metro 2033 Redux is the definitive version of the original game that enhances not only its textures but also much more.

In terms of the comparison to Bioshock, it’s basically a story driven first person title that is housed in a world of survivors, similar to that of Rapture.

The atmosphere is where this one really shines, especially when you’re not on the surface, leaving you unsure what’s around every corner.

metro 2033 redux gameplay

You’ll be scavenging as you go to ensure survival against both human and inhuman threats, with a bunch of hand made weaponry at your disposal.

This definitely gives it a Bioshock feel also as you’re almost doing the same when exploring.

All in all, Metro 2033 Redux is not only a great game but also one that fans of Bioshock will definitely enjoy.

deus ex games like bioshock

While not similar in terms of setting, Deus Ex is one of those revolutionary games that had simply incredible storytelling, just like Bioshock itself.

It takes place in 2052, way into the future, where terrorists have taken over, killing as many people as possible.

It’s your job to quell these people to help bring the world back to order.

There’s a bunch of skills and augmentations to acquire as you progress, akin to Bioshock, giving you a bit more of a toolset to take on the aforementioned enemies.

deus ex gameplay

Problem solving is another key part of the game which certainly tests the brain, and breaks up those combat moments that are present throughout.

Honestly, Deus Ex has it all, and even though it’s a more retro title, it has features that Bioshock, and even later games also implemented.

Final Thoughts

Overall, since Bioshock is such an iconic game and franchise, you’ve got a whole host of games that have taken inspiration from it.

This means that even if you’ve played the original until you’re blue in the face, you’ll still hopefully be able to experience a similar feeling.

Hopefully one, or more of the games like Bioshock we’ve mentioned above does this, even if none truly have a world like Rapture.

If you’re also looking to expand other areas of your gaming library, check out our guides on games like Doom and games like Ratchet and Clank for a bunch more top recommendations.

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